Altered Mini Notebooks

I can’t resist mini notebooks. I love them. The little composition notebooks are so cute it’s hard to leave them on the store shelf, and with school supplies on sale now, you can’t beat the price either. I’ve also seen a nice variety so if composition books aren’t your favorite, you’ll also see spiral bound small notebooks and more.

Now it’s time to spice them up a little. With custom covers they make great stocking stuffers, teacher’s gifts, hostess gifts or tuck them in a card for someone who needs a little lift. I’ll show you how I made these four styles but the sky’s the limit. I hope you have fun with this idea.


MATERIALS NEEDED for the cupcake notebook:

  • Mini composition notebook
  • Black cardstock
  • Washi tape
  • Rubber stamp by Stampabilities (I found this recently at Hobby Lobby)
  • Black permanent ink pad (I used Stazon like this)
  • Blendable markers (Mine are Tombow ABT markers like these )
  • Heavy watercolor or mixed media paper (like this )
  • Glitter glue for decoration, if desired
  • Glue



Stamped image colored with markers
Stamped image colored with marker










DIRECTIONS for cupcake notebook:


  1. Stamp image onto heavy paper.
  2. Color with blendable markers. Let dry.
  3. Add glitter glue in a thin layer onto wings, cherry, bow
  4. Cut around image.
  5. Trace notebook front onto black cardstock, butting paper edge up to the notebook binding. Cut two; one for the front and one for the back. Glue onto notebook using thin layer of glue.
  6. Cut washi tape slightly longer than notebook cover. Lay washi tape on cover where the paper meets the binding. Press down.
  7. Glue stamped image onto cover.


MATERIALS NEEDED for butterfly notebook:

  • Mini composition notebook
  • Old music sheets or patterned paper
  • Patterned paper with butterflies to cut out or butterfly stickers
  • Cardstock in desired color (for back cover)
  • Brown or tan ink pad (like this)
  • Glue
  • Glitter glue
Butterfly altered notebook
Butterfly altered notebook










DIRECTIONS for butterfly notebook:

  1. Trace notebook cover onto cardstock, butting up edge to notebook binding. Cut out. Glue to back cover of composition notebook.
  2. Ink edges of notebook front cover.
  3. Tear old music or music patterned paper into small pieces. Ink edges by just swooshing paper edges over ink pad. Nothing fancy.
  4. Glue torn music pieces to notebook front cover, overlapping each other. Trim along edges.
  5. Cut out butterflies if using patterned paper. Glue onto music paper on front cover.
  6. Apply thin layer of glitter glue to butterflies.


MATERIALS NEEDED for watercolor notebook:

  • Small spiral bound notebook
  • Watercolor paper
  • Cardstock for front and back covers
  • Paper scraps for decorating binding area
  • Rubber stamp image (This one is from Stampin’ Up from years ago. Try this one instead.)
  • Student grade watercolors


Ocean scene watercolor notebook
Ocean scene watercolor notebook










DIRECTIONS for watercolor notebook:


1. Cut cardstock to fit front and back covers. Glue down.

2. Cut and glue scrap papers to decorate front cover along spiral binding edge.

3. Stamp scene onto watercolor paper. Paint image forefront. Let dry. Paint background. Dry.

4. With marker, pen or colored pencil, draw faux stitching lines around edges of watercolor paper. Glue onto front.


MATERIALS NEEDED for galaxy notebook:

  • Small composition notebook
  • Student grade watercolors(must include black, purple, blue. Optional: pink and turquoise)
  • Watercolor paper
  • Paper towel
  • Scrap cardstock for notebook back
  • Scrap silver glitter paper
  • White acrylic paint
  • Silver glitter glue
  • Versamark ink pad (optional for embossed stars)(buy here)
  • Silver embossing powder (optional for embossed stars)(buy here)
  • Small star rubber stamp (for optional embossed stars)
  • Heat tool for embossing (optional)
Galaxy notebook
Galaxy notebook










DIRECTIONS for galaxy notebook:

1.Paint blobs of blues, purples, pinks and turquoise all over watercolor paper. Let dry completely.

2. Paint black paint OVER THE TOP of your blue/purple/pink/turquoise. Before the black paint dries, dab black away with your paper towel to make a blotchy look.

3.Drip water from your hand onto painting. Let sit for a few seconds then dab dry with a paper towel.

4. When paint is completely dry, sprinkle white acrylic paint over the top of painting.

5. For extra sparkle, stamp stars onto painting with Versamark ink. Immediately pour embossing powder over stars. Tap excess powder back into jar. Direct heat gun toward embossing and continue to heat until powder has melted and turned shiny.

6.Dot glitter glue randomly over cover to resemble distant stars.

7.Cut and glue small strip of silver glitter paper on the side of cover near the notebook binding.


Altered Mini Notebooks
Altered Mini Notebooks

Happy school supply shopping ! Make sure to slip a few mini notebooks in the mix just for you. Have fun!












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