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Lizzie posing
Lizzie posing

I was watching an episode of Flea Market Flip this morning and it inspired me to share a project I recently completed.  I adopted a kitten a few months ago and wanted to buy a cat condo or jungle gym to give her some place to play and hang out.  But I have two problems.  One, my house is really small, so the big condos I found were just too big for my space.  Second, the good quality, nice looking ones were just too expensive.  So, like any other crafter would do, I made my own–both inexpensive and just the right size.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of each step of the process, but chances are if you make your own, it won’t be with the same type base I did anyway.  But showing you what I did might inspire you to give this project a try.

For under $25.00 I bought an old men’s valet at the Ohio Valley Antique Mall in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Originally I bought it to use for my book bag, jacket, and keys–basically, it’s intended purpose–by my front door.  Unfortunately, the scale was off and I didn’t use it.  Instead, it became a cobweb catcher down in my basement.  I held on to it for quite awhile, waiting to have a yard sale.  But that never happened.

While I had was shopping to buy a cat condo I saw so many good ideas–hammocks, scratchers, groomers, toys,

Lizzie B, Superstar!
Lizzie B, Superstar!

perches–and I incorporated all of them in this one project.


A base of some type–book case, hall tree, or a valet like I used

Sisal rope–I used 1/2″ rope I bought on Amazon.  For this project, I needed about 100 feet

Batting–to make the shelf and hammock comfy

Durable fabric–for the padded seat I used less than 1/2 yard of cotton duck

Soft fabric–to the hammock and roosting shelf I used about 1/2 yard of minky

Hot glue gun and glue

Toys–I tried some different ones, but she loves some I found at PetSmart by Martha Stewart

Bottle brushes for grooming–I ordered mine from Amazon (wine bottle size)



Lizzie helping me make her new hang out!
Lizzie helping me make her new hang out!


All I did was wrap rope around the legs and back supports, using hot glue to hold everything in place.  A few staples secure the batting and fabric on the padded seat.  I made the top roosting shelf with a 12×12 piece of wood, batting, and minky fabric.  The bottom shoe rack became a hammock using batting and more minky.  Once the basic assembly was done, I added toys and bottle brushes for grooming.  I had some help, of course.

If you have cats, you know how territorial they are and how they need a place of their own to hang out.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make the purr-fect place for your feline.  With a little ingenuity and supplies you probably have around your house, any old piece of furniture can be turned into a hang out for your cat.

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