Minion Cake

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!

What’s not to love about these yellow guys?  Here are some tips and tricks to get you started making this delightful cake. I didn’t do a step-by-step picture tutorial on this one. I was totally zoned in on completing this baby as well as being completely and utterly covered in sugar, but helpful hints will follow.












  • 10″ round cake pan(s) (like these)
  • 4″ cake pan(s)
  • 5 cake recipes (using a small amount of batter, make sure to bake at least one cupcake too)
  • 2 batches of fondant
  • 3 batches vanilla icing
  • about 40 yellow M & M’s
  • Silver luster dust
  • Gel food coloring: Wilton black, brown, royal blue, lemon yellow
  • Several sizes of round fondant/cookie cutters or use lids
  • Miscellaneous: fondant smoothers, cornstarch, small paintbrush for applying water and luster dust, clear alcohol or lemon extract for luster dust application



Make ahead

It’s helpful to make the minion goggles ahead of time. Add small amount of black coloring into fondant to make gray. Roll out gray fondant thickly. Cut 1/2″ strip. Shape into one-eyed goggle about 2″ in diameter. Cut 1/4″ strip. Shape into a  two-eyed goggle, each eye approximately 1″ in diameter. Place two bean shapes on each side of both goggles and adhere with a small amount of water. Adhere small balls evenly around outside edge of goggles to represent rivets. I indented my rivets instead of rolling small balls (I was running out of time!). I also incorrectly put them on the front edge, but nobody complained. At the back edge of goggles, insert half toothpick pieces. Let dry completely. Paint with silver luster dust (mixed with alcohol or extract),  if desired.


Cake plate

To make minion-yellow fondant I made a batch of all lemon yellow then added a small amount of brown. If you have more of a goldenrod color, that will work by itself. The cake plate is long strips of yellow fondant ruffled with a toothpick. I don’t have a ball tool or mat, which would have been VERY useful, but I used what I had. It’s the same color fondant as the minion and rolled thinly. Stick fondant strips to plate and each other using a brush or fingertip to slightly moisten with water.

Bottom tier

The two 10″ cakes are chocolate using Duff Goldman’s chocolate cake recipe. Place cooled cake on a cardboard circle. I filled in between the layers with chocolate icing, crumb coated with vanilla icing, chilled and then iced again with vanilla. Dust work surface with cornstarch and roll out blue fondant into a 19″-20″ circle. Gently cover cake and, using hands,  smooth fondant by starting at the top and working your way down to the bottom lifting and spreading outward as necessary. Trim off excess. Finish smoothing with fondant smoothers.

Cut out name in yellow fondant. Lightly moisten back of letters with water and adhere to cake. Cut out various sizes of light blue fondant with circle cutters. Lightly moisten backs with water and adhere to cake in a random fashion. Place cake supports into cake. I used three columns.

Top tier

Fill, crumb coat and chill two 10″ cakes, placing on a cardboard circle. Ice again with vanilla. Chill. Roll out yellow fondant into a 19″-20″ circle, place on cake. Smooth and trim. Place on top of bottom tier.

Place dried one-eye goggle piece in center of cake front. Use a little water, but the toothpicks should hold the goggle up nicely. Measure one-eye goggle and roll white fondant into a ball. Flatten slightly. Fit inside of goggle piece. Cut out eye iris out of brown and place on center of eye. Cut out tiny pupil out of black fondant. Adhere in center of brown iris. Roll a tiny white ball of fondant and place on eye for an eye highlight. Cut out two eyelids from yellow fondant in a crescent shape. Adhere to bottom and top of eye.

Roll out black fondant and cut out a a long 1″ strip for goggle strap. An easy way to lift up a long piece is to lightly dust it with powdered sugar or cornstarch then roll up. Unroll as you are placing on cake. “Glue” this on using a small mount of water. Be extra careful not to use too much water since the black will readily bleed onto the yellow. If bleeding does occur, quickly wipe area with a moistened (not soaking wet) paper towel.

Cake topper

I used 4 of the 4″ cakes for this. Place on a cardboard circle. Fill between layers. Chill or freeze for ease of shaping. I decided to freeze. Take out of freezer and start shaping into an adorable minion shape using a sharp, serrated knife. Crumb coat and chill. Ice again and chill. Cover with yellow fondant, making a seam down the back. Cut excess.

At this point, I decided to put him on the cake since my cake was not as dense as I thought and my minion was a little unstable. I placed about a 7″-8″ long dowel down through the head and body all the way through  the cake below to stabilize the critter. You’ll need to patch the hole in his head with a little fondant, smoothing with water, or make a hat as I did. Instructions for that in a minute.

Cut and adhere a strip of blue fondant to go around bottom of minion for his overalls. I just eyeballed it and cut two semi-circles for underarm sections of overalls. Cut two 1/2″ strips for overall straps. Place on cake with water.

Roll two yellow tubes of yellow fondant for arms, flattening one end for shoulders. Place on cake with water. Roll two black balls and press each into a heart shape. Dent fat part of heart in two places for fingers. Smooth as necessary. Roll out two small worm shapes for wrist cuffs. Adhere these to the skinny part of hands and place at the ends of arms, siding up to the cake for support, leaving room for him to look like he is holding a cupcake.

Press goggles into cake and make eyes in a similar fashion as the larger eye listed in the directions above. Make goggle strap.

Using a bunt object, form mouth by pressing the shape into fondant.

Make tiny tubes of black fondant into hairs on top of minion’s head.

Minion before hat
Minion before hat














I wasn’t happy with my fondant patch job at the top of minion’s head, so I made a party hat out of fondant. Take leftover white, yellow, light blue and dark blue fondant and make a sausage out of each color. Lay sausages parallel next to each other. Roll back and forth until they become one piece. Twist, fold in half and roll to blend. Make one fat sausage, putting pressure on just one end to form a cone. Place hat on head with –you guessed it–a tiny bit of water. Roll a small ball for hat pom pom. Rough up surface with a pointy object. Place on top of hat.

Cupcake and M&M time

Place prepared cupcake in front of minion. Sprinkle M&Ms in a random fashion. Done!

Minion Cake
Minion Cake













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