Vintage Powder Compact Into Picture Frame

Vintage Powder Compact
Mini Photo Album












Powder Compact
Mini Photo Album from Vintage Compact




















Vintage powder compacts are so lovely. Oh, the stories they could probably tell! On a recent visit to an antique mall, I scored this Mother-of-Pearl beauty for less than $10.00. I couldn’t have been happier with my bargain. A little bit of cleaning and embellishment makes this oldie a goodie. It makes a fun addition to a vignette or becomes a sturdy purse mini album. Let’s get started on this unique and easy repurposed item.



Mother-of-Pearl Vintage Compact
Vintage Compact














  • 1 Vintage powder compact
  • Photographs
  • Embellishments as desired (lace, buttons, patterned paper, rick-rack, etc.)
  • ModPodge
  • Sturdy glue for 3-dimensional embellishments (I used Fabri-tac)
  • Basic cleaning supplies: Goo Gone, water, rubbing alcohol (use whatever you have on hand)




1)Start by cleaning the compact. Mine still had powder and the powder puff in it so I had to gently scrape the product out. After the  initial removal,  I mostly cleaned it with a damp cloth, however some Goo Gone was needed to remove glue. When you are done cleaning, wipe surfaces with alcohol to remove any residue.

The powder was still intact.











2)Begin embellishing! I started by adding patterned paper, distressing the edges a little. Glue paper directly onto compact surface using ModPodge.

3)Glue photographs on top of paper, trimming as necessary. Use ModPodge for this step as well.

4)Glue on any 3-D embellishments using Fabri-Tac or your choice of sturdy glue. Some compartments will be deeper than others. Before gluing on any embellishments, be sure to check and make sure the compact will close. Let everything completely dry. You are done!!!


Powder compact picture frame.
Powder compact picture frame.













Compact opens for more photo options!

I hope you will give this a try and make this project your own. Enjoy!!



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