Valentine Wreath

Wreath for Valentine’s Day

How many times a year can you get away with fun pink and purple decorations? Or how about *gasp* red and pink together? Not many occasions, my friends! Valentine’s Day to the rescue! Let’s go for it and pile on the color.

When I was eight years old, picking out colors for a shadow box to decorate my room,  my mom told me that pink and red DO NOT go together. WHAT?? I was devastated! How could this be? Well, Mom, I still didn’t go for the pink and red color scheme but how about pink and purple? Let’s do this. And you can pick any color you like!



Materials needed for Valentine wreath











  • 16″ floral foam wreath
  • 1 skein fuzzy yarn (you will use about 2/3 of it). I didn’t end up using the color in the photo. I used Lion Brand Homespun Thick and Quick. Color: Sunset Stripes
  • 5 sheets felt (9″x12″) in your color choice
  • fabric or ribbon for covering wreath ( I used fabric and tore it into 2″ strips. I needed about 3 yds.)  Flannel works very well because it “grabs” the yarn so it doesn’t slip off.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scrap of ribbon, twine or leftover yarn for making a hanger


1)Hot glue end of fabric strip to back of wreath to secure and wrap around wreath overlapping each strip slightly. Secure end with hot glue, making sure this ends up in the back too. Although this step might seem optional, I found it to be helpful for two reasons: It keeps the foam from shedding all over and fills in color in case there are any gaps in your yarn wraps.


Wrap wreath with fabric










2)Hot glue one strand of yarn to the back of wreath. Wrap wreath with yarn. I found the easiest way to do this is by holding the wreath between your knees and running the whole skein around about 15 times, stopping to tighten and scrunch strands together. Repeat until wreath is covered. Hot glue strand to secure on back. It already looks cool!

3)Make flowers.


Cut a swirl pattern


To make rose, cut a square of felt.  A 3 1/2″ square will yield a 1 1/2″ rose. Cut the size square you would like and round the edges. Into the square, cut a swirl pattern from the outside, go around and end up in the middle, as shown in the picture.








Cut a wavy edge on swirl shape.


Cut in a wave along the outside edge of swirl as shown in picture.

Start from the center, start rolling the straight edge of the felt on itself running a line of hot glue (or your preferred type of glue) in small sections. Run another line of glue and keep rolling. I made 4 (1 1/2″) roses in various colors. Out of leftover scraps, I made 4 smaller ones also.






Felt Flowers















Fringe folded felt strip

For mums (looped flowers), Cut a 4″ strip from the long edge of felt. Fold in half lengthwise and snip along folded edge.









Roll to form a loopy flower


Starting at one end, roll up tightly along straight edge. Secure end with a touch of glue.









Secure roll with felt scrap

Cut a roundish piece of scrap felt to fit bottom. Smatter the bottom of rolled felt with hot glue and place your roundish scrap piece on to secure rolled layers.









Mum Flower

Mums are about 3″ in diameter. I made 6 of these larger ones and two smaller ones out of scraps.










Out of the rest of my felt scrap, I made flowers in a similar fashion, only I cut the loops to make spiky flowers. I used all the leftovers I had and made 6 of these in various sizes.


Felt Flowers

4)Hot glue flowers onto wreath. I  glued  mine  onto the 7 and 8 o’clock positions on my wreath.

5)Use leftover yarn, scrap ribbon or twine to make a loop for hanging the wreath.




I love the way this turned out. I hope you have a chance to enjoy the fun colors of Valentine’s Day.

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