Altered Pizza Box

Getting ready for Valentine’s Day

Here’s a super easy way to present Valentine goodies in a unique way–an altered pizza box! I went to my local pizza place and asked to buy a box. Her sweet reply was, ” I wouldn’t dream of charging you for a box!” She gave me a box and I *cough* changed it just a tad.

A fairly recent trend in the crafting world is “loaded” things. I’ve seen loaded tags, bags, envelopes and boxes. It’s very fun and over-the-top. Mostly I’ve seen these being used as decorations but I thought it would be a great way to present a gift too. I made a loaded bag for someone for Christmas last year and I’ll be sure post about that later; it can be made to suit any occasion.

But let’s get start with this project. Here we go…



  • 1-8″ Pizza box–as mentioned, I got mine from my pizza place. You may also buy plain white ones from Amazon, but they generally come in large quantities
  • 1 Bow (purchased or use about 1 yd. of 3/4″ wide ribbon to make one)
  • Tiny embellishments for bow
  • 3 silk flowers for bow area
  • 8″ of (2″ wide) ribbon for cover
  • 1 yd. for ribbon around outside edge. Mine has two ribbons going around, so I need 1 yd. of each of two ribbons
  • 2 craft foam hearts, one slightly smaller than the other
  • 1 Heart doily
  • 1 Sparkly or glitter cardstock heart
  • Sticker letters to spell you favorite sentiment
  • Hot glue gun, foam paint brush
  • Acrylic craft paint in your preferred color
  • Optional: I used gesso to give the paint a more even coverage




Thank you Little Caesar’s










Cover box with gesso, if desired

1)Paint box with gesso, if desired.











Paint with your preferred color


2) Paint box with your preferred color. You may need two coats. Let dry.












3)Hot glue ribbon around the outside edge of bottom of box.


4)Hot glue 2″ wide ribbon on left side of box cover.



Glue heart stack on right side of top

5)Glue large foam heart, smaller foam heart, doily and shiny/glitter cardstock heart on the right side of the box top. I placed mine tilted at a jaunty angle. Glue word/s on top of sparkle heart. I needed extra glue on my letters because of the glitter surface.







Altered Pizza Box Bow

6)Make loops in 3/4″ ribbon to make your bow or using a store-bought bow, hot glue bow onto upper left corner of box top. Glue the three flowers in and around bow.  Glue embellishments in folds of bow. I used some silver ball stems, little paper straw pieces and a sparkly, puffy heart from the Valentine section of a hobby store.




You are done. Place goodies inside and deliver. How fun!


Valentine Pizza Box
Place goodies inside
Valentine Brownies
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