Vacation Smash Book

Vacation Smash Book

I love to travel and I love to craft–no surprise there to anyone who knows me.  The project I want to talk about today combines these two loves.  This isn’t a how-to as you can devise and design a smash book however you want, but I thought I’d share some pictures of a recent vacation keepsake I finished.

If the term smash book is new to you, I should probably define it for you.  Basically, a smash book is a scrapbook that uses a multimedia approach.  You can use your basic scrapbooking techniques with lots of layers of paper and the occasional 3-D embellishment, or you can go all out and combine watercolor painting, paper, photos, journaling, and whatever other arts/crafts that strike your fancy.



For this particular project, I bought a spiral bound art book at Hobby Lobby.  Using my weekly coupon, it was only about $6.00.  I also bought a few vacation embellishments and a couple of different kinds of glues and adhesives.  I’m sure whatever you have in your craft room will work just fine.  Other than the cost of the various trips and side trips, this project was pretty inexpensive.

As I am rather a geek, I titled mine “There and Back Again: A Summer’s Tale” after Bilbo Baggins’s famous tale.  I did a lot of traveling that summer and I wanted to include a little of everything from those few months.

Mapping out the summer


The first page has a lot of rather personal information, so I’ll start with my map.  If you look closely you can see an airplane, car, and cruise ship on my impressionistic map–all modes of transportation I used that summer.  I painted the map using basic watercolors.  Since I used a spiral bound art book, if I had made too much of a mess (and yes I know it doesn’t even remotely look like the US) I could just rip it right out.




A short stop in Indiana


I saved everything from this trip–each receipt, ticket, wristband, and shopping bag–knowing I wanted to make a smash book.  And I think I used almost each and every scrap of paper in this bulging book.  As you can see in this photo, I included an original photograph along with a ticket stub, postcard, and playbill.  I used watercolors again to paint the tree, mimicking the postcard.



Here are some photos of some of my pages.


A bit of this and that
A little more this and a little more that









Original photos round everything out
Pockets of info and journaling








Though my vacation spanned everything from the prairie to the big city, the bulk of my smash book is time spent on a cruise ship in the Gulf.  We had a fantastic time and I wanted to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime vacation with this project.  It was fun and is something you can do by yourself or with your traveling companions.  Let each traveler make one of her own–the sky’s the limit as to what your imagination can create.  Have fun!


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