St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

Let’s get our green on! Here’s an eye-catching  St. Patrick’s Day decoration that couldn’t be easier to create. Don’t stop at St. Patrick’s Day! This can be adapted to any occasion or school or sports team colors for fantastic fun.

What I love most about this project is the fact that I used all Christmas clearance ribbons, just choosing the greens, gold and creams (all purchased at Menard’s). I already had the wreath frame in my craft room so I was all set for something new, having St. Patrick’s Day in mind. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?



MATERIALS NEEDED  (to make wreath shown):

  • 18″ wire wreath form
  • 10 yds. 5″ wide green burlap
  • 10 yds. 5″ wide green chevron burlap
  • 10 yds. 6″ wide green decorative mesh ribbon
  • 5 yds. 6″ wide cream & gold decorative mesh ribbon
  • 2 1/2 yds. of 2 1/2″ wide gold wire-edged ribbon
  • wire to tie ribbon onto wreath frame. I had some 24 gauge wire from my stash. You may use anything you have on hand such as pipe cleaners or garbage bag twist ties.



I will go step by step as to how I put this together. Use this as a guideline. You may tie these on in any order. I was simply being cautious with my ribbon, not knowing if what I had purchased months before was going to fit since I knew I couldn’t run back to the store to get more. Let’s go!



Tie 12″ lengths evenly around wreath.
  1. Cut 8 (12″)  lengths of 6″ green mesh. The wreath frame consists of 4 base wires that make up the circumference of the wreath frame. Tie green mesh lengths directly on any of the base wires, tying around evenly. We’re not using our fine gauge wire yet. We’ll just tie these lengths in a half knot.




Tie on burlap ribbon next

2. Next, I tackled the burlap. Cut all the burlap–both the chevron and plain green–into roughly 1 yd. lengths. I made these into a big bow shape (without actually tying it), scrunched the middle with a 6″ piece of fine gauge wire and twisted. Using the tails of the same wire, I wrapped the wire around the wreath base, tying to any of the 4 base wires. Twist to firmly attach onto wreath. Do this for all lengths of burlap, spacing evenly.



It’s starting to come together














3. Next comes the tying of the cream/gold mesh. Repeat step 1 using cream/gold mesh instead of green. Tie mesh in half-knots evenly spaced around wreath.


Pinch two tubes together and tie onto wreath

4. Tying on tubes of mesh makes this wreath pop. Cut 12 pieces of green mesh into roughly 14″-18″ pieces. They will probably curl naturally into little tubes. If they don’t curl on their own, roll into a tube shape. I doubled up four pair of these by pushing approximately 6″ of fine gauge wire right through the mesh near the bottom of both tubes and tied them onto the wreath together. I made 4 single tubes and tied them on, evenly spacing all of these (12 total green tubes).

In a similar manner, make 6 cream colored tubes. Attach to wreath with wire singly, spacing evenly.





5. Cut 7 (12″) lengths of 2 1/2″ wide gold ribbon. Make into a loop, run the fine gauge wire through the raw ends and twist onto wreath frame, spacing evenly.


6. Primp and tug all loops and ties to give your wreath the look you want.


7. Make a wire ribbon or twine loop for a hanger.


You are done! A little twisting and tying yields an explosion fun and color. I hope you have a great time coming up with your own version of this cutie!


Wreath closeup
St. Patrick’s Day Wreath










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