Easter Treats















Let’s hop to it and create a fun Easter treat for kids–or anyone for that matter. It’s a matter of melting, dipping and sticking. Let’s go!



Ingredients needed for bunny and decorated pretzel rods



Not pictured is green candy melts.









INGREDIENTS FOR BUNNY PRETZELS: (makes 10 bunny rods and 10 decorated rods)

  • Pretzel rods
  • Ghirardelli white melting wafers (need approximately 20 oz.)
  • Twizzlers Easter grass licorice
  • Sixlets
  • Sheet of candy buttons
  • Ghirardelli small chocolate Easter bunnies
  • Approximately 2/3 C. green candy melts
  • Small amount of pink or desired color candy melts
  • Desired sprinkles or decorator sugar




Dip pretzel rods in white


  1. Melt white wafers in microwave using short bursts and stirring or use a melting pot. Dip pretzel rods in white melting wafers, covering 3/4 of pretzel surface. Place on wax paper and let set. (This should only take 5 minutes or so.)









Glue on the bunny first



2. Cut a tip off of a snap-seal bag and pour in about 1/4 C. melted white wafers. Squeezing bag gently, “glue” on bunny near the top of the pretzel rod.









Next comes the grass



3. Melt green wafers and place in a snap-seal bag. Cut off one tip. Cut licorice into pieces approximately 1″ long, varying the length somewhat for interest. Using prepared snap-seal bag of melted wafers, glue  licorice pieces onto pretzel underneath the bunny, slightly coming over his feet to look like he is sitting in the grass.





Candy dot eggs




4. Again, using melted green wafers, peel candy dots off paper backing and stick several on the licorice grass. Done!









Bunny Pretzel Rod

















Eye Candy



  1. Melt and dip pretzel rods as described above. Immediately sprinkle with decorator sugar or sprinkles.
  2.  When set, melt pink (or desired color) wafers and drizzle over pretzel rods. Attach Sixlets with melted white wafers. Done!






Easter Treats
Easter Treats







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