Mixed Media Canvas


Mixed Media Canvas
Mixed Media Canvas



Here’s a project designed to inspire you! I didn’t buy anything for this project and used what I had in my stash. I was tempted to run to the store for some chipboard elements or a fun word sentiment but I resisted! I had to paint flowers the correct color, make my own hanger and ink doilies, but in the end, it all came together. See what you can come up with in your stash!







The papers which inspired me are by Sincerely Rina in the beautiful Tales of a French Muse collection. They are gorgeous!

Tales of a French Muse by SincerelyRina
Tales of a French Muse paper collection









I will tell you how I did my project so this will be a tutorial of sorts, however, feel free to use this as a creative springboard. Some of the pieces used on the canvas will be fresh in my mind as to where they were purchased, and others will escape me but hobby stores will have similar items.


  • Designer paper (the background papers were thin paper and the rest were cardstock)
  • 1 (9″x12″) canvas
  • 2 small ribbon flowers (JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts)
  • Liquid Perfect Pearls in platinum (hobby store in scrapbooking section)
  • 7″ bendable wire
  • small amount of ribbon or yarn for dress waist
  • 9″ of 3/8″ wide cotton lace
  • Stickles (glitter glue) for dress skirt highlights for the hanger dress and the upper right muse dress (hobby store in scrapbooking section)
  • 1- 4″ doily
  • 6 small paper flowers and 1 large paper flower (scrapbooking section of hobby store)
  • 1 (1 3/4″) square picture frame
  • 2 large brads
  • about 2 feet of thin gold thread
  • Mod Podge
  • Miscellaneous: brown and dark rose paint, designer paper scraps, music sheet scraps, medium brown ink, pink alcohol ink spray, foam tape or “pop dots”




  1. Randomly paint sides of canvas. I swooshed  rose and brown paint over the sides and up to front edges of canvas, leaving some white areas for interest. Let dry. (Letting things dry is THE hardest part. If you have a heat tool, you may hit it with heat to speed up the process.)



Close-up of torn edge





2.Rip two sheets of design paper diagonally and distress edges. There is a distress tool out there but I used my scissor blade and ran it around the edge. Ink all edges with soft brown. Apply to canvas using Mod Podge, smoothing carefully to prevent wrinkles. If you choose to have a ripped spot in the background as I did, while background is still wet, pull up a small section of paper and slip a decorative paper swatch underneath. Distress edges with ink









3.Distress and ink edges of a decorative border strip. Use Mod Podge to glue onto canvas toward the bottom. Rip and ink edges of a few pieces of music or script paper. Ink edges. Glue in random places on canvas.


4. Tear a piece of designer paper approximately 2 1/2″ x 8″. Ink edges. Glue short end to canvas near upper right hand corner with the long edge falling down near the side edge of the canvas. Randomly sponge paint or spray background with alcohol ink. ( Mine was pink.)


Wrap doily around corner




5. Spray the doily with pink alcohol ink. Let dry. Ink edges with brown. Cut doily in half. Place one half on top of border strip, centering.(It wound up hardly showing in the picture because it is covered with the flowers.) Wrap the other half around the upper left hand corner and glue.






6. Shape the wire into a hanger. My green-covered floral wire was, well, green. I painted it brown. If you need to paint yours too, let dry completely.

Cut out a bodice for the dress. Ink edges. Take a 4 1/2″x 9″ piece of designer cardstock and taper slightly along the short ends making a smaller waist area. Ink edges. Spray or dab with water. Let sit for a few minutes. Gently start pleating the cardstock along the top (waist) to make a full skirt, measuring against the bodice waist to make sure it’s going to fit together. Be gentle here so as to not rub the ink off the cardstock. Once you’re sure it fits, let dry completely. Glue lace to under side of skirt bottom. Glue hanger, bodice and skirt to canvas. Glue yarn on the waist. Hit the two dress flowers with a bit of brown ink to soften the look. Glue on flowers to waist. Make a “pearl” neckline with the Perfect Pearls product. I also used Stickles to make some bling on the skirt. After dress was glued down and dry, I watered down the brown paint and softly outlined the dress on the background which helps make the dress stand out a bit.


Close-up of dress
Slightly ink edges of flowers














French Muse Collage




7. To make French muse collage, roughly tear two pieces of designer paper into 3″ shapes. Ink edges. Roughly tear French muse around figure. Ink edges. Loop the thin gold floss, gather slightly in center and glue onto top portion of long strip. Using foam tape between each layer, tape papers together on top of gold loops. Add Stickles to muse dress.







Frame Collage





8. In a similar fashion, glue a muse picture in frame and pop up all layers using foam tape.  My frame was very shiny gold-toned. I painted it with brown paint. Let dry and layer as shown.












9. Doily should already be in place. Cut a 1/2″ x 5″ strip of design paper. Distress edges. Ink edges. Glue down about 1/2″ from bottom border, centering. On each end of strip, glue brads (with “legs” of brad cut off) or buttons. Arrange flowers. Glue. My flowers were not the right color so I painted them in brown and rose colors, spritzing some with pink alcohol spray. If you do this too, let dry. Glue down.





That is it! Sometimes mixed media can be out of our comfort zones, but it is very relaxing and a boat load of fun. I hope this gives you some ideas! Enjoy!




French Muse Mixed Media Canvas
Mixed Media Canvas
Close-up of dress
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