Tickets & Playbills — Memory Boxes & Collages

What to do with all the ticket stubs and playbills? A collage, of course.

I love going to the theater–the movie theater, the community theater, or the Kennedy Center. I love free concerts in the park just as much as the National Philharmonic–if there’s a stage, I’m there. Since I go to so many concerts and plays and like to hang on to the playbills and ticket stubs, I have developed quite a collection of theater ephemera. What to do with it all?

My original plan was to make a bunch of collages and decorate my music room walls, but after awhile I ran out of wall space, but still had so many autographed posters, tickets, and CD liner notes left I needed another solution. The first step was to move the collages I had already made to the stairwell. Smart move on my part as it showcases them better and gave interest to a big blank white wall. This, of course, gave me more room for more collages.  Yay!


  • Poster frame (Hobby Lobby, Target, Michael’s)
  • Scrapbook paper that fits your theme
  • Double-sided tape
  • Your collection of tickets, playbills, etc.


  • Remove the plexi or glass from the frame, remove the protective sheeting (if there is one), and clean both sides of the surface
  • Using double-sided tape, affix scrapbook paper to the frame backing. I tried to artfully tear mine to create visual interest and mimic the idea of a collage
  • Arrange your ephemera on top and affix with double-sided tape. You may want to arrange and rearrange before taping anything down.
  • Put the frame back together.

An easy and inexpensive way to remember the movie premiers, concerts, plays, or sporting events. This is a great idea for decorating children’s or teens rooms.

A great way to remember a fantastic event.
Organize by theme or artist.















Been There, Done That




If you don’t have a lot of wall space or don’t like the idea of a collage, how about a memory box? You can just dump everything into a shadow box and you’re done. Here’s mine.







  • 12″ x 12″ shadow box (Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, etc.)
  • A paint pen that writes on glass (I used white, but use whatever color suits you)
  • Your collection


  • Carefully clean the glass on both the inside and outside
  • Choose a saying to put on the glass. Mine says, Been There, Done That! Decide on the placement, then using the paint pen carefully write on the front of the glass; let dry.
  • You can just throw all your ticket stubs and playbills right in, close up the back, and hang it up. I had a couple of larger pieces and used them for a backing, layered some playbills on top, then just threw on the tickets.

I like the way this turned out and am ready to hang it up with my growing collection of theater memorabilia. And since I’ve moved all the collages and memory boxes to the stairwell, I have a more room and an excuse to see another show.


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