Napkin Fold Card

Napkin Fold Cards
Napkin Fold Card









Here is a simple project that will give your card giving extra pizzazz. It’s versatile enough to make for any occasion and requires few supplies. It would also make a fun mini album with lots of spaces for pictures. It’s definitely a card loaded with style. I hope you have fun with this project!







1 piece 12″x 12″ cardstock

1 piece 5 1/4″ square patterned paper or cardstock, cut diagonally twice

2 pieces 5″ square patterned paper or cardstock, cut diagonally four times (can be both the same color or two different colors)

1 piece 2 “x 12″ cardstock for band

1 piece 2 1/2″x 4″ cardstock for band closure

For center square mats: 1 piece patterned or solid colored paper 5 3/4″ square. If using another mat to top bottom mat, cut a 5 1/2″ square. For another mat, cut 5 1/4” square. (The wedding card has three mats.)

Paper scoring board and bone folder

Paper trimmer


Stamps, stamp pads, embellishments, embossing supplies as desired





  1. Let’s start with the card base. Score at 3″ and 9″. Turn. Score at 3″ and 9″ once again. Fold on score lines, using bone folder to give it a good burnish. Turn paper over and repeat the burnishing. This just serves to help the card to be flexible.
Score lines should look like this









2. Fold all four corners up toward center, lining them up carefully with your score marks.



Fold corners up toward center
Four corners complete









3. Fold the square shape on each corner back towards you, lining up edges with score lines. Burnish.



Fold corners towards you
Fold corners towards you









4. Next comes the fun part where we get to shape the card into the napkin fold. Open up the card and lay flat. You should see 4 large triangles surrounding the center square. Push one large triangle up and flatten it to the center of the card. Push the nearest triangle up toward center square also. The corners should start to fall into place and look like this:



Push large triangle up onto center square
Corners fold up
Finished folds
Finished folds

















5. Let’s decorate! Cut the  5 1/4″ square patterned paper in half diagonally. Lay each of the triangles with straight edge even with trimmer’s straight edge and point directly on blade line. Cut each to make four triangles. Glue onto large triangle spaces on card.




Cut paper diagonally
Cut each triangle
Glue paper onto large triangles



















6. Cut 5″ square patterned paper in half diagonally. Lay the resulting two triangles onto paper trimmer as described above. Cut each in half. Lay each of these onto trimmer and cut in half. Repeat one more time. You should have 8 small triangles. Glue onto any small triangle shape on card. Repeat for second 5″ square patterned paper. Glue.


Glue smaller triangles next
More small triangles
All decorated
Closed up





















7. To mat the center square, glue on 5 3/4″ square. If you use a second mat, glue on the 5 1/2″ square. If you would like a third mat, glue on 5 1/4″ square. Hint: You may wish to write your sentiment or do any stamping on the center square mat before you glue it on in case you make a mistake!


8. Make the band. Score 2″x 12″ long strip at 2 7/8″ , 3″, 9″ and 9 1/8″. Lay band flat and place card on top, centering. Fold band around card and glue closure piece to connect ends of band. You may choose to glue another piece of paper to decorate the band closure piece. If so, cut a scrap at 2 1/4″x 3 3/4″ to decorate. On the wedding card, I embossed a Mr. & Mrs. stamp. I glued a flower on the blue card band closure.



Score band piece
Fold band around card. Glue closure.
Decorated band closure
Decorated band closure


















To make an envelope for the card, I used We R Memory Keepers envelope score board. I usually make it out of one-sided patterned paper, keeping the pattern to the inside to give it the look of a lining.


That’s it! Each one is so unique. I hope you can try this out.




Napkin Fold Card








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