You Light Up My Life

A dorm room necessity: lights to soften your cave, create ambiance and calm your thoughts. Soft lights can offer a little respite. With that in mind, how about making yours with a little extra sparkle or soft color? With a few easy-to-find materials, these can be put together in just minutes. You can find the lights in craft stores any time of the year. I my found at Wal-mart in the craft section. The plastic party cups are 3/4″ tall and come in clear or in lovely neon pastel colors. I found mine at my neighborhood dollar discount store. You can find them in grocery stores and party stores as well. The other essential item is bling to add your sparkle. Mine were super easy to apply as they came on a roll and were self-adhesive. You can also find this in numerous places from grocery stores to discount stores to craft stores–anywhere there are scrapbooking supplies. Self-adhesive jewels are wonderful but you may also apply gems with clear glue.

colored lightsMaterials needed:

  • String lights
  • Bling
  • 3/4″ plastic party cups (or similar size)
  • Sharp craft knife

The method:

Warning: I was fortunate and did not crack any cups, but if you are not careful you may ruin a few cups. That is why I recommend applying the gems AFTER you place the cups over the lights. So– first step: Turn the cups upside down. With your craft knife, make a tiny (about 3/8″) “X” slit at the bottom of each party cup. Carefully insert a light bulb on your string by poking it up through the bottom to the inside of the cup. Add the bling to each cup. If you used the self-adhesive type, you are done. If you needed to glue, you must wait until the glue is dry. Plug in your string lights, turn off your overhead lights and admire!



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