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Christmas Tree Ornaments
Christmas Tree Napkin













The first gift idea: Christmas tree-shaped cloth napkins. This is a perfect hostess gift or to give to someone who loves to entertain–or for your own decorating. The pattern is a simple circle and the rest is all in the folding. Very simple, yet the results are stunning. Dig into your stash or pick some fresh prints from the fabric store. Here we go…


Christmas Tree Napkin
Try non-traditional colors










MATERIALS NEEDED: (for two napkins, approximately 11″ high))


  • 1/2 yd. Christmas print fabric
  • 1/2 yd. contrasting fabric
  • Circle template approximately 17″ wide (I used a round tray that was 17 1/4″ wide)
  • Usual sewing supplies: sewing machine, needle, thread, scissors, marking pen


Trace circle onto back of fabric
  1. Lay two fabrics right sides together, lining up edges. Smooth flat with hands or take it to the ironing board. Trace circle onto back of lighter colored fabric using your template. This mark won’t show so it doesn’t need to be a special marking pen. Just use what you have.









Pin two fabrics together, just inside the marked line


2. Pin all around the circle just inside the drawn line.







Cut on line


3. Cut around circle on drawn line.









4. Sew around edge of circle, using small stitch length and a 1/4″ seam allowance. Leave a 2″-4″ gap for turning .

5. Turn project right side out through opening. Smooth seam using your fingers or poke a chopstick or similar tool into the inside, running tool along edge. Press, making sure to press the seam allowance of the opening so it’s tucked down inside making a smooth edge.

6. Hand sew the opening closed or machine sew it closed by topstitching entire edge. (Mine was hand sewn.) Done!



Fold like a taco, leaving some inside fabric showing



  1. Fold up like a taco, leaving some of the contrast fabric showing.







Flip over and fold back on itself



2. Flip taco over, with straight edge at the top. Estimate about 1/3 of the way in at the top left edge and fold down to the right to make a triangle shape.





Fold fabric under the triangle shape


3. Pick up triangle and fold larger part of fabric from right to left under the triangle so the fabric end is now to the left.








Fold under once again



4. In the same way, fold the fabric located from left to right underneath the triangle and line up edges to form a Christmas tree.



So Cute!






The next project is an adorable tree ornament which also happens to start with a circle.



Christmas Tree Ornaments












MATERIALS NEEDED: (to make one 3 1/2″ ornament)



  • 8″ square of light fabric
  • 8″ square of dark fabric
  • 7″ round template (trace around a plate or pan lid)
  • button for center
  • 8″ string or ribbon for hanging
  • jump ring and bead for bling (if desired)
  • Miscellaneous: sewing machine, thread and needle or hot glue gun




  1. Trace around template

    Lay two fabric squares right side together. Trace your 7″ circle onto the back side of the light fabric.








Sew around marked line and leave an opening



2. Sew around marked line, leaving an opening of about an inch.







Cut out


3. Cut about 1/8″ around seam line.








4. Using a blunt long tool, turn fabric circle right side out. Press, folding opening seam allowance inward. Hand sew opening closed or topstitch all around.



Turn circle right side out










Fold in half to mark center. Finger Press.


5. Fold circle in half to mark centers. Bring centers together and repeat, making four little press lines to indicate 4 equally spaced marks.







Fold up like a taco and tack at press marks



6. Fold up like a taco (dark side inwards), lining up two press marks and tack together with two or three stitches. Leave thread hanging.






Bring up the other two press marks and tack.




7. Bring up the other two press marks, lining up at top. Tack these two together and then tack all four together.

Sew all four press marks together








It will look like this










Flatten into a square shape



8. Flatten into a square shape.







Fold each corner back



9. Fold each corner back to reveal the dark color. It will take a little manipulating, but they should fall into place pretty easily. After you have all four corners the way you want, you may lightly press or finger press the ornament to help it lay flat.





All four corners done!











10. Decorate as desired. Either sew or hot glue a button in the center. Using a thick needle, thread ribbon or string for hanging. Sew a jump ring and bead to bottom for extra bling.

Hot glue or sew a button in center
Add a hanger









Extra bling










Christmas tree napkin
Christmas Tree Ornaments
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