Christmas Tree

Christmas Twig Tree
Birch disk ornaments



This inexpensive tree is made of simple-to-find materials (some in your backyard) and its woodland appeal is a winner. I was tempted to put glitter on it, but I resisted! Let’s dive in to instructions on how to make this easy decoration. It’s a natural!









  • 4″ tall ceramic pot
  • Air-dry clay (or plaster of Paris or something similar that will hold up the twigs)
  • Branch or two approximately 18″ tall
  • 12 birch disks (Hobby Lobby in the Christmas craft section)
  • Something to drill a hole in the disks (I used a pen drill–which I love, love, love)
  • Christmas rubber stamps and ink (the car and deer stamps are from Stampin’ Up “Winter Christmas” and the tree is from Michaels “Christmas Noel”)
  • Colored pencils
  • Scrap of plaid paper
  • Bells–I took apart an ornament because it had the right color bells ;^)
  • Twine
  • Spanish moss or other grassy material
  • Scrap of burlap for bow and any other decoration on bow





Air-dry clay
Put twig(s) into clay




1. Place clay into pot, pushing down firmly. Stick twigs into center of clay.










Car Ornament

2. Drill small hole in top of ornament.

3. Ink up rubber stamp and stamp directly onto wood disk. I made three each of car design, tree and deer.

4. Color with colored pencils. I used Crayola’s 8 basic colors–nothing fancy at all.

5. Draw around disk on back of plaid paper. Cut out. Glue paper onto ornament. Trim to fit, if necessary. Make 3.

6. Put twine ties through holes in ornaments. Hang on tree.



Birch disk ornaments













An ornament with the right color bells
Tie bells around branch





7. Thread 3 bells onto twine. Tie in random places on tree.








Spanish moss and bow

8. Place Spanish moss on top of clay at the base of  tree.

9. Wrap burlap around pot. Add decoration to burlap, if desired. (Mine is leftover from that ornament I used for the bells.)

Done!! I hope you enjoyed this project. Merry Christmas!










Christmas Twig Tree
Twig Tree
Car Ornament
























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