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How to cover plastic drawers
Plastic drawers can be your perfect storage solution

Never underestimate the power of the plastic drawer (said in a big echoing voice). They stack in nooks, crannies and corners and make use of the space under your bed. Just pull out your drawer and reach in. No awkward trying to get into the bottom–it’s always the bottom–bin of a tall stack of bins. I have a few ideas for personalizing your plastic drawers to make them unique and, since they are not completely opaque, give you privacy at the same time.





Decorate your plastice storage
Duct tape drawer

The first idea is tape. Duct tape, masking tape, or washi tape. Any of these will work. I used duct tape. Go crazy. There are so many possibilities. I did a simple stripe here with blue and white duct tape and topped it off with stripes of green masking tape. If you want to cut out shapes, any easy way to do it is to attach a strip of tape to parchment paper, cut your shape then peel tape off and stick on the drawer.




Decorate your plastic storage
Using Mod Podge and paper

The second drawer idea is Mod Podge. The possibilities here are also off the charts. For this drawer, I Mod Podged (that’s not a word but I think it should be) newspaper print tissue paper to the drawer front. When dry, I added puffy stickers and jewels. The puffy stickers were textured with a white glittery surface and I painted them black with acylic paint. Let dry and stick on. Simple! Scrapbooking papers come in a multitude of styles and these will also work well as long as the paper is not too stiff.




Decorate your plastic storage
Fabric covered drawer

The third drawer also involves Mod Podge. This one is covered with fabric. Use a light touch with your Mod Podge because it will bleed through the fabric. I had a few spots on mine, but they were not very noticeable so I was fine with it.

Have fun and make them your own style!


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