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One of my goals this year is to use up things in my stash. This mini dresser is made from matchboxes which I decorated with things from my stash. I did have matchboxes in my craft room, but they were the tiny ones and I decided to go bigger. So, off to the store I went–in a snowstorm! Hey, when the idea hits you, it’s hard to stop that train!


Let’s get going on this very simple project. Make it fancy or fun; it’s totally up to you (and what you have in your stash!)




  • 3 matchboxes, roughly 2 3/4″x 4 3/4″ (find at the grocery store)
  • Scraps of designer paper
  • 3 brads or beads for drawer pulls
  • 4 wood or metal feet
  • Miscellaneous decorations: paper flowers, beads, yarn, ribbon, feathers, charms, twine, sequins, scrabble tiles, butterflies, etc.
  • Miscellaneous supplies: wet glue or glue gun, scissors, paper trimmer, ink pad



Glue gems onto brads for drawer pulls

1. If you need to glue anything together for your drawer pulls, now is the time to do it so we can attach them to the drawers later, without waiting. Using a strong adhesive, glue a gem on the top of each brad. Pinch them onto something to dry. Let set. Skip this step if you don’t have to dress up your “knobs”.












Back of box
Front of box









Stack and glue



2. The next step is to decide which is the box front and which is the back. It’s easier to keep track if you glue them together this way right off the bat. Now carefully glue them together, stacking on top of each other, making sure edges are even. Let dry.




Trim along side edges


3. The drawers are difficult to slide. This is by design–I’m sure the manufacturer doesn’t want matches to go flying when you pull the drawer open! However, for our purposes, we want the drawers to pull easily. To make sure this happens, you will need to trim the side and back edges just a hair. I’d say trim about 1/8″ off. Do not trim the front.




Undo the back and trim

The back edge also needs trimming. To do this, I pulled the pieces apart (it will probably tear a bit). Trim the two pieces that are extensions of the sides. Re-wrap the back piece over the top to help support the back.






Wrap dresser in chipboard

4. To make the dresser sturdier, I measured and cut lightweight chipboard to fit the entire dresser. Measure and cut pieces to fit the drawers as well. Glue down. Let dry.

If you don’t have chipboard, use notebook covers, cereal boxes, other food boxes or heavy cardstock.





Ink edges




5. Ink all edges.









Scalloped edge


6. Measure and cut design paper to decorate dresser’s outside. Ink all edges of paper. Glue onto dresser.
Note: My design paper for the side was a directional print. I cut papers and glued onto the sides then cut a separate piece for the top bending it to wrap over the side. Before I glued the top piece down, I scallop punched it for a decorative edge. (See picture). It’s starting to look cute!







Glue on feet

7. I had wood knobs in my stash so I used those for my dresser feet. You may wish to paint, color with marker or ink the knobs to match your dresser. Here I used an ink. Glue onto bottom corners of dresser. Let dry.








Attach Drawer Pulls


8. Attach knobs onto drawer fronts. I had to use a craft knife to cut a tiny slit to insert the brad. Spread legs of brad open in drawer back to secure.


9. Measure and cut design paper to line inside of drawer. Ink edges. Attach to inside with glue.









Decorate the top



10. Time to decorate the top! Use what you have. I used twine, tulle, feathers, flowers, charms and a tag.

You are done with the outside! Put what you wish inside the drawers. I decorated mine a bit more and I’ll show you some pictures below if you choose to do something similar.







Fill drawers with goodies



Treat Box


















Shadowbox Drawer



After lining the drawer with paper, I glued a felt doily, yarn scraps, flowers, scrabble tiles, black tassel trim, wood butterfly, gems, and a paper ephemera piece.















Tag Album




I made a tag album meant for photos or journaling. I cut 5 chipboard tags using a die I had. These can also be hand-cut. Ink edges of chipboard. Cut design paper to fit and ink edges. Glue paper to chipboard. Decorate using washi tape, ric-rac, rubber stamps, doilies. I made the cover a bit more chunky by adding a flower, yarn, gems and a frame. Attach pages together at the top by adding a ring. String ribbon, yarn and lace through the top hole of the front for a decorative touch.









Drawer of Chocolate!



Don’t forget the chocolate! This came in quite handy for me as I still have the mini dresser on my craft table. Yum!


This one is clearly for Valentine’s Day, but the mini dresser would be a cute catch-all for any décor. Have fun!







Mini Dresser
Altered Matchboxes
Fill drawers with goodies








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