Mini Fabric Baskets

Mini Fabric Basket
Mini Fabric Baskets







Fabric Baskets
Fabric Basket













Here’s a stash-buster little fabric basket that is super quick to make. It measures 5 1/2″x4 1/2″ and whips together so quickly. The color possibilities… I couldn’t stop! Use the bin for sewing supplies, a candy dish, a gift basket or a catch-all. It can hold cards, receipts, guest items or just help you organize. Let’s get started with this easy fat quarter-friendly project.



MATERIALS NEEDED:     (makes one 5 1/2″x4 1/2″ basket)

  • 1 piece outer fabric–9″x20″
  • 1 piece lining fabric– 9″x20″
  • 1 piece fusible medium or heavy interfacing– 9″x20″
  • 1 piece fusible fleece or regular thin batting– 9″x20″
  • 14″ ribbon for handles
  • 2 buttons to attach handles
  • Miscellaneous sewing supplies: sewing machine, pins, scissors, clear ruler, iron, marking pencil, needle, thread


  1. Cut fabrics, interfacing and fleece (or batting). Iron interfacing to back side of outer fabric. If using fusible fleece, iron to back of lining fabric (if using regular batting, baste to lining fabric.
Cut all pieces
Iron fusible interfacing onto outer fabric














2. With right sides together, sew the short end of the outer fabric unit together. Repeat for the lining fabric unit. It will look like a cylinder.


Sew outer fabric unit together at short ends
Sew lining fabric unit at short ends










3. Fold your cylinder flat, keeping the seam centered, as shown. Pin. Sew seam (this is the bottom of the basket). Do this for both units (the outer fabric unit and the lining unit).



Keep the seam at the center of flat folded cylinder.














4. Time to “box” the bottom. This is just a way of giving the basket its square shape. First, finger press the sides of your sewn outer piece. This will help you to line up the next step. Take one corner and fold it flat, matching the seam and the finger pressed line, as shown. Take a ruler and measure 2″ up from tip of corner, making sure the ruler is straight along the seam line. Draw a line. Sew along line. Now cut the excess 1/4″ away from sewn line (cut on the side of the small triangle). See picture below. Repeat for other side. Repeat on lining corners.



Box the bottom by sewing a triangle
Be sure seam is lined up with finger press and draw a line 2″ up









Cut off small triangle









Poke corners to start giving basket its shape. Turn outer fabric unit right side out. You should have two pieces that look like this:


Starting to look like baskets!









5. Place the lining unit, right side in, into the outer fabric unit. Poke all corners together. Pinch and pull to get a nice fit. Fold top edges inward 1/4″ and pin.



Outer unit and lining unit together at last!
Fold edges inward and pin














6. Topstitch top edge closed. Loosely iron all edges to define your basket. Fold lining over top to form the top cuff of basket. Almost done! If you would like handles, follow the next step. Handles are totally optional.


Topstitch upper edge









7. Cut 2 handles from ribbon, each 7″ long. Cut an angle or “V” at each end to prevent raveling. Make a loop and attach to center of each end of basket with needle and thread. You may sew through all layers or just sew through the cuff.


Attach handle with a button



YOU ARE DONE!! I love these and hope you get a chance to make one–or two!









Mini Fabric Baskets
Mini Fabric Baskets
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