Valentine Loaded Heart

Loaded Heart Pocket–front
Loaded Heart Pocket–back

Who wouldn’t love to get a large valentine absolutely loaded with hand-picked goodies–on the front and on the back!

The heart is made entirely of paper (except a few feathers for decoration) and completely stuffed with small craft items, treats and even a few practical items. You get the picture!

I joined a loaded pocket swap on a Facebook group. I love this idea! It’s too late to join the swap, but I wanted to share my project and give you a few instructions and ideas how to make your own.


If you are looking for a great paper crafting blog, visit Rina’s blog, SincerelyRina,  ( To join her Facebook group:( You will love what you find there!





  • 2 (8 1/2″x11″) pieces firm cardstock for body of heart and pocket
  • Scraps of design paper or cardstock to decorate the heart and pocket
  • 1 sheet of tissue paper (another sheet if you want a contrasting color also)
  • Any embellishments you choose for decorating heart (Mine included, a purchased paper flower, two feathers, stickers and a few decorations cut out from design paper)
  • glue, scissors, ruler or paper trimmer




Cut one heart and one pocket (two pockets if you are decorating the back too)

1. To make the heart, begin first by making a template of regular paper. Fold the paper in half and find your inner grade school self to draw a heart 8″ tall and 7 3/4″ wide at the widest part. Draw a horizontal line 4″ up from the bottom. Cut out heart. Be sure to cut the heart (and pocket in the next step) being economical with the paper because you will be cutting a few strips from the paper as well.

Lay the template on plain cardstock, trace around and cut out.

Fold template at the horizontal line and trace the triangular part onto regular paper. Cut out and trace onto plain cardstock to yield one pocket.  Repeat the tracing of the pocket piece if you are making the back heart pocket as well.

2.To make the pocket a little more dimensional, we’ll cut two (or 4 if your doing the back) pieces of plain cardstock 5 1/4″x 1″. Score the pieces lengthwise at 3/8″ and 5/8″. Fold each edge inward on score marks, forming a “U” shape. Cut notches on both edges up to score lines.


Score lengthwise at 3/8″ and 5/8″
Cut notches and shape slightly to glue onto heart (shown already decorated with design paper)











Glue one on each side of the bottom of the heart, forming a “V”, bending slightly to conform to the heart, as shown.

Place glue on other edge and add pocket


Place glue on other set of notches and place pocket on top, lining everything up. You may need to trim the upper edge of gussets of they stick out at the top of pocket.


If decorating the back, repeat gusset step and attach back pocket. If you are adding a ruffle around the outside edge, add back pocket after the ruffle.



Gusset finished
Lots of room!











Glue design paper on to decorate heart

3.Time to decorate! Glue design paper onto front of heart and pocket. Add stickers, cut outs, flowers, etc.

If adding a tissue paper ruffle, cut about three long strips of tissue paper about 1 1/4″ wide. Run glue along back side of heart. Pinch tissue paper with fingers as you press down into glue. Repeat if doing a second ruffle, only cut tissue a little wider, about 1 3/4″.





Decoration for front

To make a 3″ wide medallion, as shown here, cut two 12″ x 1 1/2″, lay long edge along score board and score at 1/8″ increments. Repeat for other cut piece.

Score at 1/8″ increments (picture shown has design paper with black lines-disregard the lines)











Accordion fold along score lines. Fan out each piece, pinching one edge to be as small as you can get it. Glue onto a scrap piece of cardstock to form a circle. You may need to hold or place something sturdy on top to secure as it dries. Finish medallion by adding a cut out or sticker.

Glue fanned out accordion folds onto scrap cardstock (back side shown)
Front of medallion











Finished front












If you used a ruffle on the front and it has a pattern, like mine, most likely you will have the wrong side showing in the back. Make another ruffle for the back so it will look just as pretty as the front. If you used a plain color or you didn’t have a ruffle in the front at all, just skip this step.

Cut out a heart from design paper to decorate back. Place pocket on as you did on front. Glue design paper onto pocket.

Decorate back with paper


Cut out a heart from design paper to decorate back. Place pocket on as you did on front. Glue design paper onto pocket.








Decorate back as desired




Add flowers, stickers and decorations.









Now, on to the goodies inside!

Goodies in the back
Goodies in the front









Here are a few pictures of things I put in the pockets:

Rubber stamp (before wrapping)
Sticker sheet with decorated top
Cookie pack wrapped in tissue











Bookmark made with design paper and trims


Doilies with decorated top



Wrapped candy bar
















I made a Post-it note holder
Post-it note holder








Decorated mini composition book


Some things not specifically pictured: red pen, pink pen, pencils with homemade topper, homemade cards, paper hearts and small gift bags with tags.

Some things she can use, some things to eat and some to craft with.

I truly hope she enjoys this gift. I can’t wait to give it to her!





Loaded Heart Pocket–front
Loaded Heart Pocket–back

























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