T-Shirt Dress


T-Shirt Dress
T-Shirt Dress
T-Shirt Dress













There is nothing more comfortable than a T-shirt. With a little pizazz, you can embellish and make it into a sweet dress. These dresses are clearly for Valentine’s Day, however, the possibilities are endless as to the variety of looks you can get with one li’l ol’ T-shirt. Use your imagination to make a cute–and very comfy dress for a little girl. Let’s get to the instructions…

The dresses I made are for T-shirt sizes youth XS and youth M.

MATERIALS NEEDED: (for one dress, instructions given for XS and M)

  • One T-shirt
  • 1 1/8 yds. (for size XS. Use 1 1/3 yds. for M) fabric for skirt (Use what fabric you like. Mine is cotton to go with the cotton T-shirt) See step two to measure child and adjust amount of fabric needed, if necessary
  • Appliques of choice, optional
  • 1 1/8 yds. (for size XS. Use 1 1/3 yds. for size M) trim for skirt bottom, optional
  • Small scrap of interfacing or cotton fabric to use inside of shirt under applique
  • Misc. sewing tools: sewing machine, thread, scissors, ruler, pins or clips, hand sewing needle, marking pen or pencil

*Fabric, T-shirts and trim were purchased at Hobby Lobby.

*Appliques were purchased at JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts


Cut off bottom of T-shirt

1.Cut off the bottom portion of T-shirt. For size XS, I cut a horizontal line 2″ (3″ for size M) below armpit. Mark side seams, center front and center back with a small line.








2.Cut fabric. First, measure child for length by holding measuring tape 2″ (or 3″ for M) from armpit down to length desired. Add two inches for hem. My measurement for size XS was 18″ and the measurement for size M was 22″. Lay fabric on surface. With fold of fabric near you, cut two pieces 18″ for XS or 22″ for M (or your measurement) long.



3.Sew short ends together, right sides together. Repeat on other end.  You will have a long tube to start forming the skirt.


Gathering Stitches

4.Using long machine stitches, sew two rows of gathering stitches on one long edge of skirt. (Note: my fabric shows the edge finished with serger stitch. This is totally optional and it turns out was completely unnecessary.)

Using a marking pen, mark center front and center back.





Clip or pin pieces together

5.Pull your threads from step 4 to gather upper edge of skirt, matching side seams with side T-shirt markings and matching center front and center back marks.

Pin or clip to T-shirt, right sides together.


6.Sew or serge T-shirt to skirt using a 1/2″ seam allowance. If using a sewing machine, finish the edge with a zig-zag stitch. Turn right side out. Gently press seam up toward shirt.


7. Hem by machine. Press. You are done!



Applique added to shirt

8. To use a store-bought applique: Glue or pin applique in place. Hand sew around applique using a scrap of interfacing in the under side of shirt to add stability.

Use interfacing for stability









Add ruffle

9.Add ruffle around bottom of dress, if desired.









We love T-shirt dresses!

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