You Can Do This!

Did you know that September is National Sewing Month? I did not–and I am an avid sewer. I didn’t get any small projects done this month but I did finish this quilt top. And, no, I didn’t start it this month and finish it this month–that is a crazy thought! I started this project in January.

This quilt was a block-of-the-month kit given to me for Christmas by my niece. (Thank you, Amber!) The idea of the block-of-the-month is to finish one quilt block per month for a year and at the end of the year you will have a finished quilt top. I did it!


I am posting this to:
A) Show off a little
B) Let you know that you can do this too

Actually “B” is the real reason for posting. I’m not specifically talking about sewing projects either. If you have a huge project that is not getting done because it seems overwhelming, try breaking it up into small monthly or weekly pieces. Literally divide it up. See where it takes you–you can do this!!

So many tiny pieces!
So many tiny pieces!
My favorite!
My favorite
More tiny pieces!
More tiny pieces!

I have to let you know a little more about this quilt. This Civil War reproduction sampler is entitled Mastering Miniatures by Judie Rothermel. The kit is from 2014 and is no longer available. But if you are interested in sewing a quilt top, please go to where there is a huge variety of kits and they will treat you like royalty.

One more note. Each quilt square measures 6 inches. If you look at the first close up picture you will see there are 48 pieces to that puppy! I had to point that out. So, yeah, I guess I’m also posting for reason “A”–I am showing off a little!


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