Little Kitchen Helper’s Apron

Do you have a kitchen helper? Time to stitch up a very easy apron to brighten up a child’s day for their play kitchen or in your kitchen helping you bake up a storm this holiday season. The apron makes a quick, inexpensive gift and is also easy–we’re going to make the fabric do the a lot of the work. Pick a main body fabric that is so awesome, no other embellishments are needed.

Materials needed:

  • McCalls pattern #M6618
  • 1/2 yard main body fabric
  • 1/8 yd. fabric for ruffle
  • 1/4 yd. fabric for side ties and neck strap
  • 2 yds. single-fold bias tape in a color to match the main body fabric

I used the basic pieces of view C on the pattern and did not do any of the applique animal faces or special pockets or trim. Like I said, we’ll let the fabric make it look good all by itself. I have a few modifications which I think make the apron sturdier as well.


  1. Cut out pieces 3, 6, 7, 8, and 15. I believe the pattern has an error and marks piece #25 as belonging to this view, but I did not need it.

2. Sew front and sides together.

3. Sew neck strap and side ties as indicated on pattern. Turn right side out and press. Baste to apron in places indicated on pattern.

4. Sew bias tape all around apron, laying straps inward and out of the way. Press bias tape to back of apron.

5. On the front of the apron, topstitch about 3/8″ around, catching in bias tape. Reinforce straps with a couple of rows of stitching. Almost done!

Add bias tape and stitch down (back is shown)
Reinforce straps with a couple rows of stitching
Reinforce straps with a couple of rows of stitching

6. Make a small hem around all edges of ruffle piece. With long basting stitches, make two rows of gathering stitches where indicated on pattern. Gather to fit apron bottom, pin, and stitch onto apron. I stitched it with a zigzag stitch and made sure the stitching was lined up with the bias tape.

Add ruffle with a zig zag stitch
Add ruffle with a zigzag stitch


You are done! Nothing fancy. It just looks fancy because your fabric is working hard for you. Enjoy!

Apron for My Kitchen Helper
Apron for My Kitchen Helper





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