Fabric Box


Fabric box
Fabric box

I’ve always loved the look of fabric boxes and bowls, but have never made one–until now. Now I am hooked. Officially. This was so fun to make! I made this for a friend as a Christmas gift. The color and size possibilities are endless so let’s get your creative juices flowing and I’ll let you know how it’s done.

Materials needed:

  • Camden Bowls pattern ( auntiestwo.com)
  • 2 1/2 ” fabric strips (24 total for medium-sized bowl with lid, including binding)  (like these)
  • 1 yd. double sided fusible fleece (like this) cut into 2 1/4″ strips (for med. bowl and lid) or buy roll of 2 1/4″ wide already cut from auntiestwo.com
  • 24 ” stiff fusible interfacing (like this) ( for med. bowl and lid)
  • 3/4 yd. coordinating fabric for lid and box bottom
  • Basic sewing supplies: sewing machine, thread, heavy duty machine needle, sturdy hand sewing needle, iron

All my directions are for the medium-sized box with a lid.

  1. Hopefully you had or purchased 2 1/2″ fabric strips for this step. If not, cut 20 fabric strips into 2 1/2″ strips (the other 4 strips have special instructions). No need to cut a certain length, just need each strip to be 2 1/2″ wide. Cut fabric and the stiff interfacing for box bottom as directed on the pattern. Do not cut out box lid yet.
  2. Iron fusible fleece onto your fabric strips, folding edges toward center.

    Iron fusible fleece to fabric strips, folding edges toward center
    Iron fusible fleece to fabric strips, folding edges toward center

3. Sew long sides of each strip together.

Sew long sides of each strip together
Sew long sides of each strip together

4. Strips might look curled and uneven. My suggestion at this point is to iron on high heat with steam and get those strips as straight as possible.

5. Lay out your strips and figure out your color arrangement. Following your color arrangement, take two strips, butt them against each other (with straight stitched edges together) and zigzag the strips together. Sew slowly and carefully so as not to distort fabric. Do this for all strips. Keep in mind 4 strips are your lid colors.

6. Sew 6 strip sets together, according to your color arrangement, for your main box body. Two sets of strips will be for your box lid. When you’re done you will have two awesome, puffy, long rectangles.

7. Cut rectangles according to sizes listed on pattern. Bind all edges as directed.

8. Cut and bind box bottom  as directed on the pattern. Do not cut the round part of the box lid yet.

9. Pin box sides onto box bottom. Hand sew bottom and sides together.

Hand sew box bottom and sides together
Hand sew box bottom and sides together

10. After you have the box body all done, measure the circumference and, if needed, adjust your box lid size. This is important! I cut all my  lid pieces according to the pattern and my lid was too small. Please be careful.

11. For extra security and a nice punch, embellish the overlap with buttons.

Medium-sized fabric box
Medium-sized fabric box

Overall, this pattern was a pleasure to sew up. It gives a person endless possibilities for colors and shapes. Please see auntiestwo.com for all their patterns. Have fun stitching up your own sturdy fabric box. I can’t wait to make one for myself!




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