Embossed Velvet Scarf

Though I’ve been super busy grading essays and planning lessons, I’ve found a little time this year to make some Christmas presents.  This project is one I’ve wanted to try for a long time (I think I saw this on Martha Stewart ten years ago!), but was intimidated by the potential for disaster.  Embossing the velvet is actually pretty easy, but trying to keep patterns straight when ironing on the wrong side–a little scary.  Especially when good quality velvet is expensive.

I’m glad I finally decided to give it a try.  It was easy and the results are luxurious. Using a 40% coupon for my local fabric store I bought a yard and a half of velvet and made two beautiful scarves.

Velvet, satin, and fringe
Velvet, satin, and fringe


Velvet to desired length (I got 1.5 yards)
Coordinating satin
Coordinating fringe

Rubber stamps
Spray bottle of water


Directions for embossing velvet:

1) Preheat your iron to the cotton/ wool setting with the steam setting off. Iron any creases out of the velvet.

*NOTE: I used an iron shoe to cover my iron so the steam holes wouldn’t imprint on my velvet. I’ve since bought an inexpensive crafting iron that has no steam holes. I’ve never tried embossing without the shoe so I don’t know how it might work. Iron shoes are inexpensive. I bought mine on Amazon.

Ready to Iron
Ready to iron

2) Place the rubber stamp face up on your ironing surface. Lay the velvet, right side down, on top of the stamp,          making sure of design placement. Spritz some water on the velvet. Do not saturate it.

3) Place the iron on the fabric/stamp, holding it in place for about 10-20 seconds. Hold the iron as flat as possible with even pressure. Water should be completely evaporated when done.

4) Carefully lift up your iron. There should be a faint imprint of the stamp on the back side of the fabric. If you see some

moisture left on the fabric, place the iron back on the stamp for about 5-10 more seconds.

5) Now it is time to reveal the design! Carefully remove fabric from the stamp. You should see an iridescent imprint on the velvet.

6) Continue the same process until you have the desired design.

Carefully iron the backside of the velvet
Carefully iron the backside of the velvet

MORE NOTES: It is best to use a new, clean rubber stamp. I got mine on sale 50% off, thankfully since stamps can be very expensive. If you use a used stamp, make sure it is very, very clean. The water and heat from the iron can cause any ink residue to stain your fabric.

I used both wood-mounted stamps and foam stamps.

Finished Corner
The first try




Making the scarf:

1) Cut embossed velvet and coordinating back the same size. Mine was 22”x1.5 yards

2) With right sides together, carefully pin pieces together

3) Slowly and carefully sew together, leaving a 4” hole on one end

4) Trim corners and turn right side out

5) Carefully iron, making sure the edges of the hole are ironed in

6) Pin fringe to short ends of scarf and carefully sew fringe to scarf


This project was easy and the results are stunning.  Since it’s a gift I don’t get to keep it, but it is awfully tempting.


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