Spring Decorating

It’s time for a new look! I have a few places in my house that I like to change for the season or holiday. One of these places is my “vignette under glass”–a 14-inch bell jar which I have placed on a simple cake stand. I love to come up with tiny treasures to add a little color and interest to my living room.

Here is my spring arrangement:

bell jar 060

My spring arrangement.

To get this look I used these items:

Chiffon scarf

Tag with ribbon (I made mine)

Bird nest with eggs (I made mine)

Small pink flowers

Bendable stem with white flowers

Tips: Form a little base at the end of the white flower stem and tape to cake plate.

The scarf is under the nest to add a little height and color. Just puddle it around on the cake plate.

bell jar 042bell jar 047










The bird nest was made from dried plant material I found in my yard. I formed it into a nest shape, scrunching a tacky type of glue into the mix. (Yes, your hands will get messy!) Let dry.

The eggs are lightweight foam that I found at a craft store. I painted them with acrylic.

The tag is 6 inches high that I cut from kraft-colored cardstock. The collage is made from bits and pieces of my paper stash: music sheet, rubber stamped swirls, lace, 3-D paper flower, butterfly,flower cut-outs and a bow of chiffon ribbon.



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