Easter Wreath Makeover

An Easter wreath at the thrift store caught my eye. But not for good reasons! The bow was crushed, the flowers were flattened, the greenery was sparse and the bunny was missing parts of his ears.

I thought it was quite homely and needed a good makeover. I’ll show you how I did it and give you hints as to how you can make or fix up your own.

Wreath Before Picture
Wreath Before Makeover


Easter Wreath
Wreath After Makeover













MATERIALS NEEDED FOR THE MAKEOVER (if starting from scratch, just add an 18″ grapevine wreath and a couple sprigs of greenery):

  • 12″ Paper mache’ cross
  • 10 (3″) Mums (mine are coral, fuchsia and yellow)
  • 2 Sprigs of tiny pink flowers
  • Small bird’s nest (found in silk flower section of craft store)
  • 10-12 Miscellaneous green leaves
  • Hot glue gun


  • Brown paint
  • Light brown paint (or mix white with dark brown) or golden paint
  • Small piece of tissue paper
  • Mod Podge, matte finish
  • Paint brush or sponge for paint and Mod Podge

Let’s begin by preparing the cross.

To add texture and color to the cross, I followed these steps:

(Please note I used a different shape to take my pictures.)

  1. Paint the cross brown. Add accents with a lighter brown or golden color.


Paint Cross Brown
Paint Cross Brown


Add Light Brown to Give Surface a Mottled Look
Add Light Brown to Give Surface a Mottled Look












2. When dry, cover surface with Mod Podge.

Cover Surface with Mod Podge
Cover Surface with Mod Podge








3. Immediately add a covering of tissue paper. Paint Mod Podge over tissue paper. This will crinkle up and leave a nice texture. The cheaper the tissue paper, the better.

Cover Wet Surface with Tissue Paper
Cover Wet Surface with Tissue Paper








4. Let dry completely. Tear excess tissue paper away from cross. Neaten edges with scissors, if necessary. Add darker or complimentary paint or ink to the edges to highlight cross.

Highlight Edges with Ink or Paint
Highlight Edges with Ink or Paint











1) I began by removing everything except some of the better greenery to assess what I might need for the wreath. I left some of the greenery on the wreath.

2) Next, hot glue the pink bud sprays onto the wreath, one going to the right of a center point and one going to the left.

3) Glue the mums on top of the center, clustering tightly. My mums were on very short stems, if yours have long stems, clip them off with wire cutters before gluing on.

4) Glue leaves around the center mum cluster to add fullness and color.

5) Glue the small bird’s nest near the center.

6) Using the picture as a guide, glue the cross on the right hand side of the wreath.


You are done. After the painting and the Mod Podge-ing is done, the rest is easy. Just plug in the glue gun and get gluing.

I hope you enjoy this project. Happy Easter!


Wreath Flowers and Bird's Nest
Wreath Flowers and Bird’s Nest





















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