New Beginnings

DSC02072It seems trite and a bit overdone but spring really is a time for new beginnings.  For renewal.  For growth.  So it seems like the perfect time for us to start this blog.  We’ve talked about it for awhile, but struggled with a name, a concept, a direction.  Finally we decided that it was time to quit talking and start doing.  And here’s the result.

Welcome to our blog!

Our Name: Well, it kind of speaks for itself.  There are two of us–Cyndi and Betsy.  We’re sisters who have brains that just won’t quit. Ideas, ideas everywhere…

Our Concept: Budget friendly crafts, decorating, gardening, organizing, cooking, and small ways to improve your home and lifestyle.

Our Direction:  Improving homes and lives in simple ways.

We hope our ideas will inspire you to make small changes in your own homes and lives too.

–Cyndi & Betsy

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