A Fun Way to Give Cash or a Gift Card

An Assortment of Awesome Shaker Gift Cards
An Assortment of Awesome Shaker Gift Cards



You may not feel giving cash or a gift card is personal, but you can make it personal–and fun. Here is a simple-to-do project to spiff up your gift-giving game. Use this basic idea for any occasion; it’s perfect for Father’s Day, baby showers, birthdays, graduation–even weddings. I’ll walk you through the simple process. Let’s go!





  • Acetate sheets (one sheet will make two cards) I used overhead transparency sheets. Firm page protectors will also work.
  • Each card is unique as far as the shaker elements. I used sequins, table confetti, and hand drawn bits. Be creative here.
  • Sewing machine to stitch around outside edges of card. You may also hand stitch, use clear tape or washi tape for a decorative touch.
  • Sentiment and/or small decorative greeting for outside of shaker card.
  • Double-sided tape or tape runner for attaching outside decorative greeting.
  • Gift card or cash


1)Cut 2 identical acetate pieces for each card. My cards measured 4 1/2″ by 5 1/2″.

2)Sew (or tape as indicated above) around 3 edges of acetate to form a pocket. If you are sewing, sew 1/4″ from edges. I recommend using a medium stitch length.

3)Decorate the outside of your pocket with sentiments or small image. If you are drawing directly on pocket do this now as well.


Sew around three edges then fill card
Sew around three edges, decorate outside, then fill card
Balloons are stamped on paper and the strings are drawn with Sharpie
Balloons are stamped on paper and the strings are drawn with Sharpie















4)Place shaker elements inside pocket. Place gift card or cash inside pocket.

5)Scoot all items away from 4th edge and sew (or tape) along final edge.



Father’s Day card- The shaker items are as follows: brown and tan sequins, the “World’s Greatest Dad” item is a sticker which I stuck onto a plain piece of paper, the tiny hammers and neckties are hand drawn. On the outside of the card, I drew balloons on white paper. The balloon strings are drawn on acetate with a Sharpie marker. The sentiment is hand lettered.


Shaker elements in Father's Day card
Shaker elements in Father’s Day card
Shaker Card for Father's Day
Shaker Card for Father’s Day















Birthday card-All shaker items are table confetti. On the outside, the sentiment is hand lettered and the candle decoration is from my stash of rubber stamps, stamped onto white paper and filled in with marker.


Shaker Gift Card
Shaker Gift Card












Baby shower card-Shaker elements are table confetti. Sentiment is stamped onto white paper.

Baby Shower Shaker Card
Baby Shower Shaker Card











Give these cards as they are or put inside a paper card or place in an envelope. They are versatile as well as unique. I hope you enjoy making these unusual cards. They are fun to give–and to receive! Enjoy!


Make Shaker Cards for Any Occasion
Make Shaker Cards for Any Occasion


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