Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift

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Ok, this year I did not wait until the last minute to buy my mother a gift, but don’t even ask about last year. It happens! Never fear, this is a personalized gift you can quickly put together. With names of her children or grandchildren and beautiful glass beads, you just can’t go wrong. Let’s get started!




You will need:

  • Memory wire
  • Needle nose pliers or jewelry pliers
  • Wire cutter
  • Beads
  • Letter beads
  • Charms
  • Jump rings to attach charms
  • Spacer or silver beads (for each side of the names)

To begin, you may cut the wire in the desired length now or, if you are uncertain how much wire you want, you may string the beads until you’re done then cut the wire (place a piece of tape at a certain point so the beads don’t continue on down the wire). If you choose to cut the wire now, make a tiny loop at one end, using pliers. I used about one coil of  wire for each name. I had 5 names, so I used 5 coils. Mother's Day bracelet 036Mother's Day bracelet 031

Start stringing beads onto the wire. I used about 6 or 7 for this part. Add one spacer or silver bead, then start adding your letters and make your first name. Next, string another spacer or silver bead. String more beads. I placed 7-10 beads in between each name. Continue in this manner until you have all the names you need. Add 6-7 beads to the end. Make another tiny loop. Your bracelet body is done. Now let’s add charms.Mother's Day bracelet 030

With pliers, open a jump ring and add charm. Loop the open jump ring around the end loop of bracelet. Close jump ring with pliers. You are done! Go crazy with your designs and colors. Have fun with more charms. Enjoy!

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